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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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pope's visit. our crews are spread out across the city. dave schratwieser has look at security for this weekend. karen hepp is talking with some of the visitors making their way to the city of brotherly love. >> bill anderson on board the balance ship new jersey where people are checking in for their stay. >> first though let's head back to new york city that is where we find our bruce gordon. bruce, the pope is in the middle of another whirlwind of a day making stops throughout the ci city. >> reporter: absolutely, lucy. hard to keep up with this 78-year-old pontiff. frankly, hard to believe he had 1 foot into retirement when he was elected 266th bishop of rome. this day was filled with powerful words to the world community and powerful emotions at the scene of terrible violence. it was an event filled with emotions. pope francis solemnly taking in the enormity of ground zero where 14 years ago, nearly 3,000 men, women and children were killed in the nation's worst ever terrorist attack.
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francis met with family members of several 9/11 victims. ♪ >> reporter: following an inter faith prayer service pontiff apologized for delivering remarks in his native spanish but translation did nothing to dim the impact of his message to victims. >> the family members show the face of pain, pain that leaves us speechless but that screams to heaven. ♪ >> reporter: francis toured the 9/11 museum filled with reminders of the day characterized said the pontiff by a mind set that knows only violence, hatred and revenge. >> but the people's pope said it is not too late to pray for peace. >> piece in this wide world that god has given us as our home, as a home for us all and for all. only peace. >> reporter: the pope began his morning at the united
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nations telling representatives of a hundred 70 countries they must work harder to preserve the world given to them by their creator. said the pope of mankind -- >> he is not authorized to abuse it much less is he authorized to destroy it. in all religions the environment is a fundamental good. >> reporter: late this afternoon, the pope visited a catholic grade school in east harlem. francis clearly in his element. both because he got a chance to interact with children and because it gave him another chance to talk about immigration. many of the kids at this school are from immigrant families and the pope of course has repeatedly made the claim that immigrants legal or otherwise simply want the same things we all want. have the same dreams we all have. that subject of immigration iain of course will be front and center late saturday afternoon at independence hall a subject that will be dealt with almost entirely in spanish.
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iain? >> bruce, thank you. one more night in the big apple and then all eyes will be on philadelphia. pope francis expected to touchdown at the airport tomorrow morning and city officials say they're more than prepared to make sure both visitors and the pope are safe during the last leg of his american tour. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in center city tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, this is one of the general public access checkpoints you'll see, you'll have to go through today -- this weekend if you want to see the pope here in the city. concrete barriers, steal barriers, trash trucks, all the way down to a giant magnetometer center that is manned by tsa agents who will go through bags and packages thing like that. wand you down for security so you can get inside. this is the kind of thing that folks around town today called overwhelming. some called it incredible. >> i'd like get a selfie with him. (laughter). >> reporter: when dana, opened her plant shop for business friday morning on fairmount, a few blocks away from the parkw parkway, she found this security
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checkpoint complete with concrete barriers and this device designed to stop a truck bomb. >> i think he's coming down this way. so -- i think that would be really cool. >coolreport. >> i think they need this having that many people in this small of an area i think they need to have that many officers. >> reporter: everywhere you looked friday from market street to broad street there were concrete barriers, checkpoints and magnetometers for anyone who wanted to get a secure area where the pope will appear. >> things are in place, at least most of its in place. they'll be closures obviously taking place tonight. but we're ready to go. >> security is -- it's wanted, it's needed, you know, you can't do without it. >> reporter: frank and judy smith came to see the pope from will mention ton. they didn't mind the intense security. their focus solely on seeing the holy father. >> if i have to stand in line overnight to see the pope at 4:45 tomorrow, that's what i'm prepared to do. >> this is insane. i had no idea that the army was
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providing security. >> reporter: mark still road all the way from palmyra, new jersey, to check out the city, the security and pope mania. he has a ticket to see the pope on independence mall. >> i'm ecstatic. i hate crowds for this one in a lifetime opportunity and that man has brought so much hope and guidance to people. >> this couple from brewery town long boarding through the security checkpoint and blocked off streets. they took it all in stride and just rolled with it. >> we're long boarding so it's not too bad for us. >> it's pretty awesome. i've never seen anything like this in the city before. >> reporter: commissioner ramsay says there are no credible threats on the city or the pope for this weekend. he's telling everyone to come on out and have a good time. be prepared to walk today. a lot of these checkpoints as you can see right here it's three blocks just to get down there to the magnetometers. going to need your sneakers this weekend. lucy. >> i got my comfy shoes ready to go, dave. all right. >> there you go.
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>> they're just as prepare across the delaware river. new jersey state police are centering up their command center at campbell's headquarters in camden. hundreds of officers will be on duty this weekend helping with traffic and other pope related concerns. police say they've got this. >> we've trained for this and a lot of the troopers here have been on other special deployments. we worked super storm sandy. we've most recently been down in baltimore with the deployment with the riots to assist them. we have a lot of troopers that have that their experience and they're here to provide their experience with us as well. >> state police say the gridlock on local roads will be their biggest challenge. officials compared the papal weekend to a snowstorm. residents should only drive if necessary. >> center city traffic box went into effect minutes ago by 10:00 o'clock tonight the secure vehicle perimeter begins limiting vehicle movement. translation, papal shut down is upon us. much of center city is already secure zone. the barricades are up. streets are closed. then the large presence of law
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enforcement literally on every corner in center city. but visitors we spoke with say although travel around the city is challenging asking for help is easy. >> i feel blessed. this is trial al great, everybody here has been so helpful. we have bothered all the police officers on our way. we've asked questions. everybody has cooperated with us. >> another major road closure begins at 10:00 o'clock. schuylkill expressway westbound from i-95 to route 1 will be closed. eastbound will be closed from the blue route to 95. the weather of course a big story this weekend for all these outdoor events the big papal visit. chief meteorologist scott williams is tracking your forecast. scott, did i hear the wore rain? >> yeah. iain, there is a slight chance that we could see some rain for a part of the upcoming weekend but it looks like most of it is going to stay dry. so before you reach for that poncho you might want to grab a wind breaker because we're looking at clouds moving in now. gusty breezes have already begun and we're watching that storm system off to the south clouds
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and showers in virginia and the carl line nass but look at future winds. you can see by tomorrow morning, we're looking at winds out of the east northeast 15 to 20 miles per hour. so it is going to be a little gusty with that fall feel as we take a look at saturday's forecast 10am66 degrees. low to mid 70s by the afternoon. and tomorrow is going to definitely be dry. coming up we'll talk about that slight chance for rain with the entire papal weekend forecast. back to you. >> all right, scott. the woman and the pope's visit this weekend are global events. fox 29 weekend's cars ren help is live at the convention center. karen, the world is definitely getting a taste of philly. >> reporter: i think they're taking a big bite of philly, lucy and by the looks of it right now it looks like they might want to come back for seconds. they have wonderful time here. scott was just talking about the weather. it did get windy. we're see pilgrims wearing jackets. but by all accounts, the people that are coming our visitors are having the time of their life.
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it is a love fest for our city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. a street fair of matching t-shirts and clear backpacks and green world meeting of family passes, names and home towns proudly displayed. hi norma from texas it's packed but you can move as slowly as you like. there's plenty of walkers and shuffling seniors alongside the young and sip pitt. >> amazing and i think they should definitely be out here to join us. >> phenomenal amount of energy. just more energy than i've ever felt. >> buses are rolling. folks follow the flags of the world lydia came all the way from kenya. >> it's been an amazing experience. i love the country. i love the even. i love the people i've met. it's been such a wonderful experience. >> reporter: garcia kids prou proudly show off the shields they just made at the youth conference. >> i think it's pretty amazing because you get to see other people from other cities. >> this is really fun.
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>> reading terminal market bus sells with hungry pilgrims food for every international taste an smile on nearly every face. >> people are absolutely exceptional. very welcoming. we love the people. >> it's exciting. energetic. there are people from all over the world, and it's friendly. it's calm. but it's also open and people are just happy to greet you. >> reporter: yes, they are. so so hard to believe lucy and iain we're not talking about days any more. we are talking about hours for all of this to happen. that's the excitement here at the convention center. back inside to you. >> all right. thank you karen. our special coverage of the historic weekend continues tonight at 10:30 with our special the holy father in philadelphia. that's after fox 29 news at 10:00 then tune in starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow we'll bring all of the pope's events across the city live right here on fox 29. many of those visitors karen just mentioned are staying in hotels across the city. >> that's great for lot of folks but others have made alternative
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a range many. bill? (no audio friend. (. >> eagles getting ready for a brutal jets defense practicing at monmouth university. howard eskin breaks down the matchup and gives us his keys to the game later in sports. >> madison square garden in new york city jam pack right now as the pope celebrates mass inside the famous sports arena. you're taking a look at everything going on life right here on fox 29. back in a moment. ññ
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♪ hundreds of thousands of people will make their way into philadelphia to see pope francis this weekend but only about 100 begin and end their day iconic war ship. a lot of people moving through camden for that long walk over
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the delaware river. >> for this group of lucky visitors it doesn't get much closer. fox 29's bill anderson shows us when a battle shim becomes your hotel. bill, i would so love that. >> reporter: it's awesome over here lucy. after months of anticipation, obviously the pope will be here in less than 24 hours. but some people decided to check something else off their bucket list. they're going to stay here on the battleship new jersey while the pope is in town. >> battleship new jersey decided to open their doors to visitors after considering the proximity to hotels and the cost people were experiencing, mostly because they thought it was pretty cool bucket list type of experience. >> our thinking there would be lot of guests coming into the area for the pope's visit. why not open up our award winning overnight encampment program to them. >> reporter: roughly 100 people will stay on the ship. he's in the mess hall, sleep in the rack and enjoy the
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experience of being on the ship. the racks were a little bit tight. but the guests mostly were excited about the experience. >> i'm so excited it's unbelievable. i've never been on a big ship like this. a battleship. so i'm looking forward to it since the new jersey came here. >> i heard it on the news. and they were talking about spending the night on the -- camping out on the battleship. i waited one day and called up and got my ticket. >> reporter: whole experience costs $75 per day and that includes all your meals. battleship new jersey is relatively short walk over the ben franklin bridge into old city where most of saturday's festivities are taking place. >> short walk to the ferry station so you can take a ferry across the river. we're not far from patco's broadway station. so you can take patco into philadelphia. and if you want to walk, it's not that far of a walk to the ben franklin bridge you can walk across the bridge and walk into center city. >> reporter: many of the hotels in the area the battleship new jersey actually expected more people to come and stay on board.
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but even with fewer than expected, the excitement is clear even if they're sleeping in the close quarters of a battleship. >> if it weren't for the publicity of the pope filling up all the hotel rooms of this city we wouldn't be staying on the battleship. >> reporter: guys, obviously the accommodations are a little bit sparse but the stories amazing. we already met people who served on the battleship or they're husbands serve on the balance ship and we'll have more of their stories because i'll be stayinged right over on the bridge for on-going pope coverage starting early tomorrow morning stories don't get any better than this. back to you guys. >> are you going to staying on the battleship. >> bill, you should do that. >> he's like, i don't know about that. >> maybe -- you're breaking up. i can't really hear you. >> okay. >> exactly. >> watch our special tonight the holy father in philadelphia starting at 10:30. that's after fox 29 news at 10:00. tune in starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll bring you all of the pope's events across the city live right here on fox 29. all right. let's get back to your weather
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authority now. of course, big question we want to know will the rain stay away especially on sunday afternoon? >> yeah. well, iain and lucy, it looks like most of the rain is going to stay to the south and east of the philadelphia area. that will be some good news but the cloud cover is moving in along with those gusty breezes. take live look right now. you can see fifth and market street. you can see independence mall. you can see some of the barricades still going up as well as final preparations as we await the pope and you can see that the wind has also begun to kind of pick up across the area so 70 degrees right now. easterly wind at about 14 miles per hour. as we take look at the bottom line for the upcoming weekend, tomorrow partly sunny, more clouds than sunshine. breezy, mid 70s for highs. then on sunday, it's mostly cloudy, a p.m. chance for some showers especially south and east of philadelphia. so here's the setup. the satellite/rada sat look at l moving into west virginia and virginia but staying to the south. because of a big area of high pressure off to the north.
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that will likely suppress most of the rainfall to our south during the day tomorrow, but with the high to the north, low to the south, we get that tight pressure gradient. so that's why i do expect some of those gusty breezes. so as we take look at potential rain through tomorrow afternoon you can see it accumulates to the south of us. we stay dry in philadelphia. but then by sunday, maybe a trace of some moisture down the shore. maybe a quarter of an inch in atlantic city by sunday evening. had a half an inch towards cape may. also those winds will be gusting over 20 miles an hour tomorrow. over 30 miles per hour in atlantic city and we'll keep that forecast for your sunday. so the bottom line as we go hour by hour tomorrow morning, a fall feel. 66 degrees. by 10:00. by 1:00 o'clock 71 degrees and by the afternoon, temperatures low to mid 70s. cloudy and once again breezy. then on sunday we're looking at cloudy and cool conditions. feels like temperatures for most of the day will be in the 60s because of that wind. that weather authority seven day
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forecast, we'll show was we're talking about. for the up coming weekend once again, mainly dry, late showers south and east on sunday and then we start to warm up as we head into early next week. >> all right. looks good. >> thank you scott. >> do the eagles look good, sean. >> hopefully they need to get a lot better if they want to beat the jets. each player needs to look at the mirror and man up. jason kelce talks about the guys not feeling for themselves next in sports.
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♪ eagles have a lot to fix. the o line needs to create holes for the run game. wide receivers need to make place and byron maxwell needs to show up and a shut down corner like we're paying him to be a ton of things they need to do but bottom line each guy needs to man up, come to work and show some heart. that's the mind set they have going into new york. >> basically everybody first of all taking it personal. they're taking it as, um, you know, what can i do to make sure i'm getting better. we go out there at practice and try and make sure that lead by example. if you're out there working hard and trying to correct things and coming out there with enthusiasm and aggression to get better. >> a lot of things need to change to get a win. our howard eskin has the keys to an eagles victory on sunday. >> sean, what the eagles have to
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do is simple. getting it done may not be so simple. so if you want to talk about keys at the game, and everybody talks about it, you really do have to run the football. and one of the reasons is, it changes dynamics of what the other team can do defensively, and it will open up something else which again i think is a key to this game. not only do they have to be able to run the football, they have to be able to throw deep. when you can't run the football, the other defense doesn't respect that. so you can't get deep. with all of that said, because of urgency, i actually think the eagles are going to wint football game against the jets. back to you. >> thanks howard. a reminder the eagles and jets game this sunday will be right here on fox 29. pre-game coverage starts at 11:00. pittsburgh pirates taking on the cubs at one alcohol.
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our double header moves to our d2 channel. >> jason papelbon fined for throwing at ma chad dough earlier this week much he's appealing the suspension but it may not matter. the nationals look look they're dead in the water when it comes to play off chase. the mets are certainly going to win the nfc east -- i was going to say nfc east. i'll still thinking eagles right now. >> nl east. >> we knew what you men. >> nl east. >> all right. our special coverage of this historic weekend starts tonight at 10:30 woofer sp our specially holy father in philadelphia. that's after fox 29 news at 10. then tune in starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll bring you all the pope's events across the industry live right here on fox 29. that does it for us here at 6: 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. we'll leave you with a shot of pope francis celebrating mass at madison square garden. we'll see you tonight at 10:00.
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i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank. the pope takes manhattan. and donald trump, was he booed on fifth avenue as the pope drove by? and escaping papal grid lock. carey washington had to ditch her car. while we take to the skies. >> reporter: this is definitely better than sitting in traffic. plus, they're getting married, today. >> deborah: why the guest list just went from 150 to 100,000. >> can they get to the reception on time? and lost o.j. simpson tape, 20 years after the verdict that shocked the nation. >> did you ever physically hurt her? >> wait till you see what he said about this photo showing


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